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      1. 貝斯特鉬制品

        Best Molybdenum Products


        Best Molybdenum Products

        Sodium molybdate

        Molecular formula Na2MO4.2H2O
        Properties white scaly crystal, density 3.2g/cm3
        Sodium molybdate(Na2MO4.2H2O) Assay is not less than 99.0%
        Mo assay ≥39.3%
        Fe ≤0.001% Cu ≤0.001%
        Pb ≤0.001% SO4 ≤0.20%
        Cl ≤0.05% PO4 ≤0.005%
        Water insoluble matter ≤0.05% NH4 ≤0.005%
        Uses Used in the making of alkaloid, reagent, dye, molybdenum red pigment, molybdenum, the material of fire retardant, its catalyst can be used as inhibitor
        Packing cardboard drum ,Net 25kg,woven bag , plastic bag lined composite kraft paper bag or 50kg in plastic bag lined metal pail.
        Sodium molybdate Safety Data Sheet Chinese name:Sodium Molybdate
        English name:Sodium molybdat
        Molecular formula:Na2MoO4·2H2O
        Structural formula:
        CAS No.:7631-95-0
        Molecular weight:241.95
        RTECS No.:QA5085000
        UN code:
        IMDG regulation page:
        HS code:28417090
        Hazardous good code:
        Appearance and characters: white powder or crystal powder with white
        Main use:Used to produce printing ink, fertilizer, activator and others
        Melting point:687 Boiling point:
        Relative density:3.28
        Saturated vapor pressure(Kpa): Soluble in water
        Critical temperature(℃): Critical pressure(1lpa):
        Combustion heat(kj/t001):
        Avoiding touching condition:
        Combustibility: Fire insurance grade:
        Flash(℃): Self-ignition temperature (℃):
        Low explosive limit(v%): Upper explosive limit(V%):
        Packing type:
        Storage cautions:Store in cool and ventilated storeroom, and prevent moisture and drench. Please pay more attention to personal defense during packing and transportation..

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        Best Molybdenum Products

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